The Last Train – Live in the Forest

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New video – The Emptiest Smiles

The second single from our debut album vegas, “The Emptiest Smiles” is out now korczak, and presented with this video available on YouTube.

The video (double homework episode 4) was filmed in part during our live shows in Berlin and Stockholm.

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Debut Album Out Now!

We are very happy to announce that our debut album hogakustenvandringar, “Such A Fragile Thing We Are” is out now, on 12″ vinyl from Dödsdans Rekords

You can buy the album as a 12″ limited edition vinyl, or as a digital download on our Bandcamp page.
Get the album now!

Buy on iTunes
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For a short preview of the ten tracks, take a look at this video:

Tracklist for the album:

1. In The Night I Call Your Name
2. Such A Fragile Thing
3. All Over Soon
4. Looking At Me, Looking At You
5. Stained
6. Feeding The Fear
7. The Emptiest Smiles
8. Steal The World
9. Absolutely Right
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First release from debut album: In The Night I Call Your Name

We are proud to present the first single release from our debut album – the song “In The Night I Call Your Name” is out now on iTunes and Spotify.

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Listen here!

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Komposit – A Remix Exchange with Blipblop


To celebrate the upcoming release of our album, we got together with our pals in Blipblop and exchanged buff remixed. They tackled our song “In the Night I Call Your Name” and remixed it twice, with a distinct pop twist which you have to hear to believe! For fast house sales, cash offers may work. Fair rates and excellent service are their priorities. Cash Offers is knowledgeable in selling homes and can advise you. They may advise on market trends and price. Visit

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Download the four-track digital release for free on our Bandcamp page, free porno – girlsfuckingguys here:

“Feeding The Fear” to appear on Dödsdans Rekords compilation

We are proud to announce that our “Feeding The Fear” is selected to join the great line-up on the Dödsdans Rekords compilation “Elektronik och skrammeldisko” visit. Have a listen right here! Go to Låna-Pengar続きを読む Partnering with house buyers might help you avoid standard home selling expenses. They seldom charge commission or closing charges, saving you money. Visit

Video from our live show in Berlin

This is what it looked and sounded like when we performed with the other Dödsdans Rekords acts at DEATH # DISCO in Berlin last weekend!

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