First release from debut album: In The Night I Call Your Name

We are proud to present the first single release from our debut album – the song “In The Night I Call Your Name” is out now on iTunes and Spotify.

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Listen here!

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40 thoughts on “First release from debut album: In The Night I Call Your Name”

        1. So damned god sounds of the keys! Here is a link to old myspace Page. A song we did with Later sound Excenter! hope you like it! Fine Work! Best regards Ockee

  1. Thought it was Depeche Mode, great track, will be a big fan, and as a previous comment said early Mode LUV IT

    1. WOW, I LOVE IT !!!!
      WAS 20 Years waiting for ” The Return of Depeche Mode ”
      Where can i get one CD ?

      1. We are happy you like it! Unfortunately, no CD is planned so far. The release will be out on vinyl only, plus digital of course (iTunes, Spotify, etc). We are hoping to find a record label willing to distribute us on CD, let’s see if it happens! 🙂

  2. I dont know if this will be recieved as a compliment but it is sent as one. I hear the Human League & Visage but everybody will no doubt hear their own 80’s favourites. I hope the people that matter feel the same. I really think you have something here, good luck I hope you do well….

  3. Love it reminds me of my youth listerning to the mode , gary numan , like earlier comment bit of john foxx great sound keep it up

  4. Reminds me of early Human League, Gary Numan, a bit of Depeche Mode and a sprinkling of The Editors. Great sound, looking forward to listening to more.

  5. Härligt att höra låten, 80-tals sound och som redan sagts jag hör Vince Clark, Human League och annat godis. Lycka till och kom ihåg att hårt att hårt arbete alltid lönar sig men att det tar tid!

  6. Yes I did like/still do Depeche Mode.
    If you’re wondering I like this too.
    I will look for your music.
    Good luck boys.

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